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Patrice Mailloux-Huberdeau
  • Patrice Mailloux-Huberdeau

  • Principal, BMH Design Studio
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  • patrice@bmhdesignstudio.com

Patrice is a master of many talents - he holds degrees in Engineering and Architecture and is an accomplished website and UX (software-interface) designer. When no one in the office is looking he composes digital music.

As a building designer, Patrice has a strong eye for composition and material quality. He helps our clients imagine their projects with his 2D renderings and 3D models. His project management skills round off his creative talent to help the office follow-thru with detail and organization. In meetings, Patrice is the quiet listener and patient presenter. In the daily work setting, he is a seemingly tireless force of creative productivity.

Born in Montreal, and raised in Mexico and the US, Patrice is recently married with his wife Julia. If you are struggling to pronounce Patrice Mailloux-Huberdeau's last name, try "My-ooh Oober-dough." - he'll help you from there.

Gregory Brooks
  • Gregory Brooks

  • Principal, BMH Design Studio
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  • gregory@bmhdesignstudio.com

Gregory is the old-man in the office, with over 28 years of experience designing buildings and managing projects. Gregory is a passionate designer and educator. At BMH, he obsesses over carefully composed moments of natural light, and works to create buildings that respond thoughtfully to their unique site. Gregory waves his hands around a lot and sketches to accompany his stream of imaginative descriptions.

Raised in Colorado and Michigan, with degrees in Architecture, Gregory has been living in Austin since 1992, when he moved to Texas to work at the architecture office of Charles Moore. He also worked at the offices of Mel Lawrence, Dick Clark and Andersson Wise architects. He has been teaching at the University of Texas at Austin since 2001, in the Architectural Engineering program. Gregory runs the 3rd-year undergraduate architectural engineering design studios. He is also the faculty director of the 'Emerging Technologies' program - a 4-week Summer study-abroad program in London, UK. Gregory is married with his wife Margo, who share a son, Benjamin.